carri and matt

Carri and Matt wed on a cloudy day last May at the gorgeous Rancho Sereno . Carri spent two years pouring herself into the details for this wedding and boy did it show.

Yes, this outdoor wedding was a long time coming and some rain here and there wasn’t going to be enough to stop this day’s festivities.

All of the florals, by Amanda of Nest Floral Studio, were to DIE for. I mean, I drooled over this gorgeous bridal bouquet. And just wait until you see the rest of the flowers used throughout the day!

Brace yourselves. Here comes the details .  . .

 The multi-colored fabric napkins? Carri made them. She made the table numbers too. Oh, and those candles on each table? Carri poured the wax and decorated the holder.

She had her little bridal hands all over every single gorgeous detail from this wedding day.

Carri is a photographer too, so it was no question at all in her mind whether or not she and Matt would do a first look when the time came and I could not be happier with the resulting images.

Squeal! Matt made THE most adorable face with the first sight of his bride on their wedding day.

Carri and I had been texting back and forth the entire week before her wedding talking about whether or not it was going to rain. Finally Carri made the call to leave the wedding outdoors as planned, as the alternative would have been to move venues altogether because there was no indoor option at Rancho Sereno to house all the wedding guests. As much pain/strife/turmoil as the weather caused you, Carri, I have to say — working with those clouds was some kind of awesome.

 Another show-stopping detail was the dessert table. Perhaps I should also mention that Carri baked everything on this table with the exception of the wedding cake? She is seriously some kind of dedicated super-bride!

The programs? Yeah, Carri made those.

In the minutes before the ceremony the clouds really came out to play. But there was not turning back now — this ceremony was going to happen.

As you can see in the next few photos, it did begin to drizzle a bit during the vows but thankfully it was nothing the bride, groom, guests or our equipment couldn’t handle.

All drizzle subsided by the beginning of the reception, and it was time for further celebration of the newlyweds.

Carri and Matt’s musicians surprised them during the reception by playing the song that was originally supposed to be played during the ceremony but was skipped due to the drizzle. It was such a sweet moment.

Carri and Matt, I hope you know that working with you two was seriously a dream for me and James.

Thank you for believing so ardently in our photography, for allowing us to document such a special (and BEAUTIFUL) day in your lives, and also for being just plain wonderful the whole way through.

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