britny & carrigan

I’m putting this post together while James gets his cool, new curl-friendly haircut before we leave for our cruise on Saturday! We’re so excited but I’m trying to get as many posts out as I can to tide all my blog readers over for the week that we’ll be gone.

So, back to Britny and Carrigan. It’s so fun to look back on these photos that I took months ago — in the time since this session this cute couple has already tied the knot and been married for over two months so I have those photos to post soon too!

Britny has one of those country hearts that adores big Texas hair and cowboy boots so she and Carrigan knew that the perfect place for their session would be the one and only Fort Worth Stockyards.

I loved all of the sweet laughs shared between Britny and Carrigan but when the time came to work the more serious side, these two had that down as well.

It’s been nothing but a pleasure to photograph Britny and Carrigan and I’m so excited to blog their wedding in the near future too!

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  1. allison says:

    these are BEAUTIFUL. awesome work jill!

  2. Britny McKenzie says:

    Aw. Love this, Jillian! You are fabulous <3

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