bridals: kelsi

Kelsi’s bridal portrait session ended up being accidentally perfect. She is from my husband’s hometown of Graham, TX so when she said she wanted to do her session in Graham I immediately remembered this spot.

It’s right along the road to my mother-in-law’s home so we would pass it every time James and I would visit his family and every time I would think, “One day I want to shoot there . . . “

I pitched the idea to Kelsi about shooting her bridals in a junk yard and she was all for it!

I was immediately drawn to this oil rig and Kelsi was SUCH a trooper to hop up on it (as much as a girl in a wedding dress can really hop on to anything), especially in the freezing cold.

 After we took this series of photos Kelsi told me that Brett (her now husband) actually works in oil! How wonderfully, accidentally applicable.

¬†Kelsi, thanks for being so willing to take photos in a junkyard — you are gorgeous, gorgeous in even the grungiest of surroundings.

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