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Meet Erica. Well, her feet and fabulous shoes anyway.

I cannot BElieve that I got so caught up editing her wedding pictures that I forgot to add her lovely bridals to the blog!

Erica wanted her bridals taken in the same field where we took her and her (now) husband(!!)’s engagement pictures in the summer.

Erica’s maid-of-honor, Kelsey, and Kelsey Mac, one of her bridesmaids, came along to the shoot to make Erica laugh. Thank you, ladies. Kelsey was doing all sorts of dances behind me — all in the MOH job description, right?

I look at this picture and all I see are those piercing blue eyes. They are seriously THAT blue.

This one was definitely one of my top three favorites from the day, hands down. Look how sweet that face is.

Were you wondering how the couch from the beginning got into the field? Two of MOH Kelsey’s friends, Jacob and Kyle, were gracious enough to assist us with their monster truck and monster muscles. Then we had one more request for them — “Could you move it a little to the left? Yeah! Now about 100 more feet up the road? K,Thanks.”

Here’s why we had to move the feet up the road behind the field — there was a railroad track, you see. I mentioned “casually” to Erica how I wished it were only possible for us to put the couch on the tracks for a few shots.

I had no idea how she’d react to such a crazy idea but I was pleasantly surprised when she enthusiastically agreed and we sent the boys on their way up the road.

Tooooooooooooootally worth it. And we had the boys mere footsteps away to haul it off if a train were to appear.

Erica brought along the ‘W’ for her new last name!

MOH Kelsey took a shot of Erica and I to finish off the shoot. Standing make-up-free in the early morning next to a bride is great for the self-esteem. I joke.

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