bridals, Allison

 Meet sweet, sweet Allison.

Allison married Nathan, her high school sweetheart last Friday ¬†— I am overjoyed for the two of them AND I’m overjoyed to be able to post her bridals!

Allison told me she was a blank slate as far as her session went, so I told her about this location that I kept passing for weeks and always wondered, “What if I did a bridal session there . . .”

And then I mentioned that a pretty aqua cruiser had just come into my possession (Thank you, Susan!) and what if we tossed it into a few of the pictures?

Allison said she loved the idea so we went for it.

I am also IN LOVE with Allison’s dress. Everything about it. And I don’t know anyone that would have looked as perfect in it as Allison.

I felt like the sun really loved me this particular evening and kept gifting me with beautiful, bridal solar flares. So I took it. Praise Jesus for this beautiful, beautiful light!

And then I got the bright idea to go take some pictures next to this small patch of sunflowers. What I didn’t realize when I made this suggestion was that this particular patch had to have been 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the area and the humidity trapped in there was intense.

But Allison rocked it out in all that heat and humidity looking cool as a cucumber.

Hey, Allison. That’s the first letter of YOUR new last name!

Allison, you are breathtakingly gorgeous. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Happy marriage to you and Nathan!

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  1. these are beautiful. really really beautiful.

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