breann & matt

Breann and Matt’s wedding day began on a beautifully sunny March afternoon at the Granbury Convention Center.

One cannot know hoooooowwwwww exciting it was that this day could be accurately described as “sunny,” because the days leading up to it (AND the morning of) were dreary and rainy ones. So DOUBLE YAY for a sunny wedding afternoon for Breann and Matt!

The following few photos are from Breann and Matt’s first look and I’m sure Breann was satisfied with Matt’s pleased and excited reaction to seeing his bride for the first time on their wedding day.

After the two lovebirds had a few moments to soak up the moment, we moved into some bride-groom portraits and these two were, um, uhhhhhhhhhmazing to photograph.

I’m sure it has something to do with them being suuuuu-huuuu-huuuuuper in love.

Look, JUST LOOK, at how Matt looks at Breann. (happy sigh)

I love seeing a groom’s facial expressions transform when he looks at his bride. All day I observed Matt reserving only the sweetest looks especially for Breann.

Yeaaaaaaaah, girl.


Matt’s best man definitely surprised him by handing over Breann’s ring in a cracker jacks box.

Again, blog readers, I direct your attention to those sweet, sweet the-next-line-is-“I-now-pronounce-you-husband-and-wife” faces. Those are my favorite types of faces.

One of my other favorite things is a few precious minutes with the newly minted husband-and-wife duo at sunset.

When I’m gifted this opportunity on a wedding day, my little photographer’s heart sings.

Our duck friend did not want to be the first guest to pose with Mr. and Mrs. Bersi. It would have been rude to take that honor all for himself.

One of Matt’s sisters painted the cake topper to resemble Breann and Matt — SO cute!

Also, the cupcakes were done by My Queen of Cakes in Stephenville and they made a very strong and very pleasant impression on these two wedding photographer’s taste buds.

James and I are super-honored to have been the photographers to document this beautiful wedding.

I’m afraid I should also apologize for how many times I used the word “super” in this blogpost . . .

Thank you, thank you to Breann and Matt and we wish y’all a happy, happy marriage and all the best up in Connecticut!

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  1. Breann says:

    We just looked at these again and are still LOVING them. You’re the best, Jillian!

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