brandy & AG

Brandy and AG. Where do I begin?

They’re a fun-loving, laid back couple whose story of how they met was summed up by Brandy as, “He thinks he got me and I think I got him.”

We met up one evening MONTHS ago (I’MSOBEHINDONBLOGGING) for their engagement session in Deep Ellum and I believe we had a fun little time together, us three.

Get it?

They fit together.

Brandy and AG’s session was filled with personalized touches, like these stick figure drawings they’re holding.

Anytime Brandy and AG leave each other little notes or write each other cards on special occasions they draw these little stick figures of each other  along with it.

So of COURSE they drew life-sized ones for their engagement session.

Yes, that’s Chuck Norris in the background. AG may have been a bit more excited about this fact than Brandy but . . .

These two stressed that they wanted casual, goofy ¬†engagement photos. But I MUST say, Brandy and AG, y’all can sure work it with the best of them.

My favorite part about this session was the way we ended it.

AG instructed us to all put our hands together and on 1, 2, 3, we disbanded with “GO TEAM!”

I’m so excited for their wedding day and April will be here before we know it!


3 Responses to “brandy & AG”
  1. Jennifer Smith says:

    LOVE THESE PICS!!! I’m super excited I’ll get to be a part of my bud Brandy and AG’s BIG day! They are a great couple and you did a great job at capturing their personalities!


  2. Jacob (your brother) says:

    I don’t know that a frame within a frame has ever done it for me quite so much as those last two pictures do. And I LOVED the stick-figure bit, especially the kissing ones. way. to. go.

    • Bosaes says:

      Not only do I love their pictures but I love this coplue! I was able to see this beautiful coplue get married up close as I was her Matron-of-Honor. I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. I’m going to cry AGAIN once I see them!Love that you did a trash the dress session we are thinking of doing that ourselves, we will have to call you up when we do!

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