blissfully engaged, Tiffany and Trevor

Meet Tiffany and Trevor.

Oh, and the plane? You mean, you noticed? Well, Trevor will soon start training to be a pilot for the Marines, so what better place for their engagement shoot than the private air strip where he is currently learning to fly small planes?

Seriously guys, I would find myself involuntarily, SUBCONCIOUSLY smiling at my computer screen while I was editing these pictures. Like, Tiffany and Trevor together compel me to smile.

I feel pretty good about that, and I think Tiffany and Trevor should too.

Trevor let me know at the very beginning of the session that he l-o-v-e-s to kiss Tiffany on the cheek (and therefore loves the resulting cheek kissing picture). This is his thought process on the matter: ” They just call to me! “Kkkiiiiissssssssssssss me,” they say. Who am I to refuse?”

I know what y’all are thinking: “That’s a big bow.”

It is. And it’s so perfectly Tiffany — she is rarely seen without her signature bows. I love when a client comes to a shoot in their signature-something!

One thing I love about this couple is that anything goes.

Things like, “Hey, Tiffany, want to get on top of the plane?”

So. much. fierceness. Iloveit.

And then so much SWEETNESS! Ilovethattoo!

Haha, we climbed all over and around that plane — beside it, on top of it, they sat inside . . .

. . . then we ALL went inside that tiny cockpit and Tiffany and Trevor worked. it. out.

And then it hit me. “CAN WE GET THAT PLANE IN THE AIR?!” One of the owners of the airstrip gladly took off in the plane and did a couple rounds for us.

The best news — they’re doing a second engagement shoot tomorrow. They just love pictures!! Looking forward to much more of these two on the blog leading up to their wedding next summer.

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  1. Sara Materne says:

    I already told you while you were editing that I loved these pictures, but I LOVE THESE PICTURES! haha
    You did a really good job, and it probably helps that they are a really cute couple! :]

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