blissfully engaged, tiffany and trevor (II)

I don’t have to introduce these two because they’ve been on the blog just recently. Tiffany and Trevor had so many great ideas for engagement pictures we couldn’t fit them all into one session — so they just had two sessions! I was entirely in favor of this because, well, it meant I got to spend even more time with these two wonderful people.

Trevor and Tiffany are both lifelong Denton-ites and it turns out Trevor has put in quite a lot of volunteer hours at the Campus Theater . . . so when Tiffany and Trevor asked to put their save the date information on the marquee the owners were thrilled to oblige!

And their outfits? I. Know. What more could a photographer ask for? As I mentioned in my earlier post from their first engagement session, Trevor is in the Marines and had this uniform on hand. And Tiffany is just plain adorable every single second of every single day.

After a few shots at the Campus Theater we walked over to Beth Marie’s Ice Cream Parlor for the Lovers’ Sundae. Yum!

Haha, it was so funny watching Tiffany try to explain how they were going to spell L-O-V-E with there hands. It took sooooooo long. No worries, Trevor. Could have happened to anyone.

Work. It.

So when I said earlier that Tiffany and Trevor are wonderful, I wasn’t joking. In working with these two over the past couple of months I have discovered that they are incredibly encouraging and have become big proponents of Jillian Zamora Photography. Their enthusiasm and sincerity continues to overwhelm me.

At the end of the shoot we ended back up at the Campus Theater for some more shots  with the marquee.

Sweet, huh?

Yeah. I thought so too.

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  1. Trevor says:

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much for the kind comments and the wonderful pictures!! We still cant figure out how you got so awesome, but we love it!!

    keep it up! keep it up! keep these awesome pictures up! Keep. It. Up. (clap clap clap).

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