blissfully engaged, Laura & Matt

Dear blog readers, meet Laura and Matt.

Laura and I had talked about working a bit of travel flair into their engagement session, as both Laura and Matt had individually served as missionaries overseas before they met AND they are planning to serve overseas as missionaries TOGETHER after their wedding this July.

I love connections. I really just do. Laura is the cousin of the boyfriend of my good friend Ashley. Connection.

So we’re walking along together to the first location and this is when I first find out that Matt had actually served overseas in Nepal specifically. I asked him when he was there and he told me the years and I say, “I think that’s when my cousin was a journeyman in Nepal . . . “

“Who’s your cousin?”

“Josh Daniels.”

“Josh was my missions partner!”

Talk about connections. My instant reaction was to punch Matt in the arm out of sheer excitement, but I can’t be sure what I did. It all happened so fast. So, um, sorry if I punched you, Matt.

Get it, girl.

They’re not quite sure yet where they want to live once they’re married, but they’re considering Madrid, Spain.

This next photo is a depiction of what Matt does when Laura breaks out her sweet dance moves.

BUT if we compare face from the last photo to this next photo, I’d say he’s probably pretty okay with whatever Laura decides to do.

Just look at that smug grin. He knows he’s holding something precious.

Love those lines.

It’s really not my fault that I couldn’t choose between the above photo and this next one . . .

And so what if this spot inspired me to get on a black and white kick? (Fred Armisson: “So what. Who cares?” Anyone? Anyone?)

Just beautiful, Laura.

One last outfit change and then it was on to downtown Fort Worth to add a bit more of a city feel into the mix.

I was told that Laura and Matt both have, er, obsessive tendancies with their beverages of choice. For Matt, it’s Coca-Cola. For Laura, Starbucks does the trick.

And we ended it all with a game of speed scrabble — Laura and Matt’s favorite.

I loved this super-personalized session, Laura and Matt. Thank you for bringing it all to the table!

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  1. These look awesome! They seem like a really sweet couple. Gotta love that last scrabble shot!

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