blissfully engaged, Laura and Laramy

Introducing Laura and Laramy.

I met up with Laura and Laramy at Sundance Square early one Friday morning for this session. Laramy is a wildlife major at Tarelton and is interning this summer in Caprock Canyon — about a five hour drive from Laura. So when Laura found out Laramy would be in town this one weekend, she immediately contacted me to set up an engagement session.

Laura had the earliest morning of all of us — she got up at 5:30 A.M. to fix her hair for the shoot! But I must say, Laura, your hair does look beautiful.

Laura and Laramy have been together for two years now, and got engaged last Thanksgiving day.

“Laramy didn’t propose in front of either of our families or make a big production, he waited until we got back to my house, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him,” Laura said. “Just the two of us. Intimate and simple, which is fitting for us.”

I felt honored to play a role in the one weekend that they had to spend together in a while — the time they did get with each other they were going to make the most of.

Although I wasn’t available to shoot your vineyard wedding this fall, I know it will be a beautiful occasion! Very best wishes to the two of you in the rest of your engagement and, soon,  your marriage.

***Dearest blog readers, I know it’s been too long since I’ve posted. Please forgive. I’ve been ducking my head and trying to make good headway on editing all these weddings, but have neglected my blogging in the process. To try and catch up on the sessions that I’ve needed to post from the past two weeks, I’m having to put together shorter posts than usual. Please enjoy just these snippets of sessions from the past couple of weeks!

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