blissfully engaged, katie and nick

Meet Katie and Nick.

I liked them instantly. I mean, why wouldn’t I like them? But I LOVED them when I heard their proposal story: Nick got down on one knee and asked Katie “Will you be my Kadusaurus?”

That, that is when this couple took my heart. I even wore my own dinosaur shirt to the session to proclaim it.

Katie is a graphic designer who happens to like dinosaurs. Nick is a musician who happens to like sharks. Hence the nod to said prehistoric creatures in their engagement shoot.

We did this shoot on campus at UTA, where Katie and Nick met.

Just to clarify, they did not meet in the middle of the woods on campus, they met at a meet-and-greet freshman year. See? Now  those meet-and-greets don’t seem so lame, do they?

After leaving the wooded area we headed toward a specific bench that Katie and Nick used as a designated meeting place on campus where they would sit and talk together while they were getting to know each other.

Katie told me she loved that Nick always had plenty of stories to tell and ideas to talk about. “It is never dull talking with him,” she said.

Now that I’ve gone and told you that precious story I feel as if it is my ethical responsibility to tell you that the pictured bench isn’t THE bench — there was construction near their bench so we had to move to this one.

I think the sentiment is still there.

I just think this picture is really funny, ok?

Ok. Brace yourselves. Remember the proposal story? Well, you’re about to see the ring box.

I told you a picture ahead so that you’d really have time to prepare yourself.



We finished the session with a couple of shots of Katie, her cat and Nick outside Katie’s apartment complex right as the light was leaving us. 

“Why do you want a picture with the cat?” Nick asked Katie.

“Because I want a picture of the family,” Katie matter-of-factly replied.

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