blissfully engaged, Juli and Jared

Meet Juli and Jared.

I love that the shoot started off this way. Juli giving Jared a hard time. Jared giving Juli a hard time. All in good fun.

This was their day: Jared flew in from Houston, Juli picked him up from the airport, they headed toward Denton, stopped and picked up a shirt for Jared to wear in the shoot along the way, and met me in Denton in time for the shoot. Jared had like, zero time to breathe. But he took it all in stride and it made for a lovely engagement shoot!

I almost can’t handle all this gorgeousness, Juli.

Juli brought a big box full of wedding decor and props to work into the shoot as we saw fit. I l-o-v-e-d this sweet yellow parasol that I also used for the sneak peek.

 Cherish: To treat with affection and tenderness; hold dear:

Juli had said that this photo pretty much sums up their relationship, and that makes me happy because there is a lot of joy and adoration wrapped up in this shot.

Juli and Jared, I had so much fun documenting even a piece of y’all’s love for each other. I’m super-pumped for your McKinney Cotton Mill wedding in August!

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