blissfully engaged, Jalesa and Sam

Meet my sister, Jalesa.

And that guy standing next to her, reducing her to a pile of giggles? That’s Sam.

They’re going to get married.

Last month Jalesa and I got in the car and set out on a 3-hour drive to  San Angelo, where Sam is currently based with the Air Force. With me living in Denton, an hour a half away from my older sister, I had actually been looking forward to the drive and the sister-bonding time. We didn’t turn the radio on for even one bit the way there or the way back.

I didn’t know where we’d take the pictures — I’d never been to San Angelo before — but upon arrival we decided to drive around until I said ‘stop’.

And when I saw this bridge? I said ‘stop.’

Before the shoot I had wondered to myself if this session would be easier because it was my sister and her fiance . . . or if it’d be more difficult because it was my sister and her fiance.

I’m happy to tell you that it unfolded so naturally. Right before my camera.

Jalesa and Sam.

Jalesa, you’re beautiful.

And fine. Sam, you have a really cute smile.

Gosh, guys. Y’all look good.

And happy. Really happy.

So that’s good too.

Now I’d love to tell you that this session had a happy ending BUT . . .

I hand my camera to Sam. (First I tell him to hold it with two hands.) Then I tell him I’d like a picture of me and Jalesa . I explain to him how to aim, focus and snap. The whole time I’m explaining he’s rolling his eyes and holding the camera with ONE HAND and tells me he knooooooooows how to take a picture.

Exhibit A:

Thankfully he redeemed himself with try number two. (I also reprimanded him for rolling his eyes before the first go-round.)

Jalesa, I love you.

And fine. Sam, I love you too.

My sister-heart is happy.

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