blissfully engaged, Charlotte and Taylor

Introducing Charlotte and Taylor.

This sweet couple first dated during their freshman year of college but will only be engaged for  four more short weeks until their July 2nd wedding!

They met in the marching band at Henderson State University in Arkansas. Charlotte played oboe and was in the color guard while Taylor played saxophone.

I thought it was so funny how Charlotte described the two of them in college: “We were kind of like the cheerleader and quarterback couple except the band nerd version!” Their senior year Taylor was the drum major of the marching band and Charlotte was captain of the color guard.

Taylor and Charlotte, there is certainly nothing nerdy about the two of you in this picture.

I also looooooooooved Charlotte’s red dress — it popped in all the pictures. Good. Choice. Charlotte.

Charlotte traded in her color guard uniform for . . . whatever a program finance analyst wears. But Taylor stayed close to his band roots — he’s the junior high band director in Princeton.

Charlotte chose this area for its classic “downtown” feel, but I got super-excited  when we stumbled upon this mini-jungle alcove.

Seriously, Charlotte? Could you BE any more beautiful?

See what I mean by jungle? Vines EVERYWHERE.

And the red dress made it work.

When Charlotte told me the proposal story I smiled like a giddy little girl! Charlotte had been jokingly counting stars in the sky when Taylor kissed her for the first time — he acted like it was to get her to shut-up, but I’ve got a feeling he would have kissed her whether she counted or not. So last summer when Taylor proposed, years and years later, he did so under the stars . . . under the Eiffel tower to be exact. He knelt down to one knee and said “So I was thinking it would take a lifetime to count all the stars in the sky . . . Will you marry me?”

Bah! So sweet!

I just love Taylor’s face in this photo — so cheery and content.

As sad as I was to say goodbye to the red dress, Charlotte changed into a more casual outfit for some more relaxed shots.

Saying goodbye to the red dress was worth it in my book for these sweet piggy-back shots we got.

I love this.

Before wrapping up the shoot, I made sure to get a few shots of Charlotte’s pretty bling-bling.

Charlotte and Taylor, I’m so looking forward to y’all’s wedding next month! Then y’all can spend the rest of your lives counting stars. Together.

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