blissfully engaged, Casey and Grady

Meet Casey and Grady.

I’m not gonna lie. These two are almost too cool for words.

James and I had been looking forward to this shoot for a while now because it was innnnnnn (wait for it . . . ) Georgetown, TX! We love to travel and it’s even more fun when you have an excuse — like meeting up with two awesome people and taking awesome engagement pictures. Casey and Grady live in New Braunfels, which is where they’ll have their wedding this November (yay for more travel!), but we met halfway for their engagement session.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that in these first three images, Casey is laughing, laughing, laughing. She oooozed laughter from start to finish, which made this shoot particularly fun. Not even five minutes into shooting Casey stopped and looked up at me and said, “Is EVERYONE as awkward as us?”

I furrowed my eyebrows and tilted my head a bit. “You are not being awkward. Like, at all.” I told her that most people need about 15 minutes to warm up to me and my camera before starting to feel comfortable (which is tooooooooootally okay) but she had just waltzed right in as her fabulous self.

I almost feel like light can’t get any more perfect than the light in this picture above. I looooooooooooove it.

Oh my gosh. This couple. LOOK AT THEM. All laugh-y and sweet and PRECIOUS!!!!!

When Casey first got out of the car she said, “We have lots of ideas . . .”

I laughed so hard when Grady explained it further. “I think she’s been looking at your blog and is beginning to feel a little competitive with the other couples to have the best ideas.”

ONE of their ideas was to print off calendar pages leading up to their wedding day, November 5th (the one in green). When showing me she had said she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do with them, but they had just brought them in case we got inspired. Well, with this pose we got inspired and I’m incredibly pleased with how these turned out – GREAT idea, Casey and Grady!


I believe that was my blatant, shameless initial reaction to seeing Casey’s left hand. This was immediately followed by me looking up at Grady, still holding her hand in both of mine, and raising both of my eyebrows in approval.

I’m not sure if the hat was Grady or Casey’s doing, but I fully support guys accessorizing in my sessions.

Seriously guys, y’all are as stunning as they come.

For this portion of the session we had wandered inside an in between space. We weren’t in a store, but between several stores. All we knew is there was air-conditioning, a stairwell, and beautiful light.

Your smile has so much life, Casey. I watched Grady just eat it up.

At about this point we hear James, out in the hallway, go, “Uhhhhhh . . .”

Grady, Casey and I all looked at each other. It had not been a good “uhhh.”

We were locked inside. Like, “Buh-bye George, see you next Thursday,” no-one-left-in-the-building locked inside.

We all looked at each other and laughed nervously just long enough for one of us to notice someone walk by the store next door (which THANKFULLY had a glass door) so that we could get someone’s attention to LET. US. OUT. OF. THERE. Close call.

I had already been running through scenarios in my head if we really were locked in there hopelessly: “Call 911? . . . Call the city of Georgetown? . . . call my mom?!?!”

Idea #2: Letters to represent their first names. Cute-like.

Idea #3: A DOUBLE play on the phrase “Tie the knot” and the practice of tying a string around your finger to remember something important.

So I tied them up together in yarn and we tried some different ways of expressing the two “knot ideas” for a potential save-the-date.


I thought their “escape” was too good not to share with all you lovely blog followers.

So much cuteness, I could barely handle it.

They wanted to end their session at the water. It makes perfect sense — New Braunfels is known for the Comal River.

“Would you consider getting IN the water . . .?” I asked hopefully. They didn’t hesitate a second.

They live in NEW BRAUNFELS for crying out loud!!  Of course they brought their own, personal inner tubes!

I am in. love. with Casey in this next picture. I can’t even help it.

They are so fun . . .

I look at Grady and I see Matthew McConaughey. And yes, I totally had to google his last name to know how to spell it correctly.

As we finished up the session Casey said it was time for us to take a photo all together to commemorate. We tried the old hold-the-camera-out-and-aim trick but the new camera is a LOT heavier than my old gear and my aim was apparently a lot worse. Thankfully a little old woman was passing by and we asked if she’d mind taking a picture of us. I’m so, so glad she did!

I can’t even express how much I enjoyed this session, Casey and Grady.

James and I got back in the car and the first thing I said was, “They’re so cool.”

The first thing James said was, “They’re so in love.”

And I think that’s a perfect summary of the two of you.

7 Responses to “blissfully engaged, Casey and Grady”
  1. Michelle Keefer says:

    Casey and Grady I love you both so much! You guys look great and I’m so happy for you two!!!! GREAT pics! And I totally love the commentary!!!!

  2. Trevor says:


    Jillian. This has to stop. You post pictures and I am really really busy and everything I have to get done gets put on hold/ignored completely because I have to drop everything and look at the pictures!!!

    ok… i admit… TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!! ; )

    great work… again!!! Congrats Casey and Grady on your upcoming wedding, and on choosing the most amazingest superest awesomenest coolest talentedest funest neato-est photographer in the world!! We are big fans of hers, and can only imagine that you must be by now as well!!


    And Jillian, we need business cards so we can shamelessly plug you to everyone we me meet. K thanks. : D

  3. Monica says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the last few pictures on the concrete wall!!!

  4. Kari says:

    Jillian, I went to high school with your mom and Uncle James. Love them both. Not to sound like a creeper, but from what I’ve seen on your mom’s wall, I think you live in Denotn…right? I would love to talk to you about senior pics for my son. 940-453-8704. Thanks. Kari


    i love love love love love love love this session! wow.

  6. Amanda says:

    So beautiful and fun! Jillian, you are precious and God has given you incredible talent.

  7. Meagan says:

    these might be my absolute favorite Jillian Zamora pictures! a beautiful couple, a beautiful setting, and beautiful pictures. LOVE! you’re so talented!

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