blissfully engaged: alicia & michael // san francisco engagement session, part II

sutro bath engagements__01

I left off my last post with part I of Alicia and Michael’s engagement session and we’ll start part II at the Sutro Bath ruins, where Alicia and Michael braved the wind and the San Francisco chill for some snuggly portraits by the ocean.

 It might be easy to breeze past the first sentence of this post and miss two huge factors from this day: that it was frustratingly windy and it was colder-than-normal-San Fran-cold. I’ve come to find that you can learn a lot about a relationship when things don’t go exactly as planned.  And what this day helped me learn about Alicia and Michael is that


so very


for each other.

They warm, they soothe, they cherish, they remind, they hearten, taking turns doing so. This was a great help during this shoot and I know will be a great help throughout their upcoming marriage.

With that, I give you part II of Alicia and Michael’s San Francisco engagement session.

sutro bath engagements__02

sutro bath engagements__03

sutro bath engagements__04ab

sutro bath engagements__07

sutro bath engagements__08

sutro bath engagements__09ab

sutro bath engagements__11

sutro bath engagements__12

sutro bath engagements__13ab

sutro bath engagements__15

sutro bath engagements__16

sutro bath engagements__17

sutro bath engagements__18

sutro bath engagements__19

sutro bath engagements__20

sutro bath engagements__21

sutro bath engagements__22

sutro bath engagements__23

sutro bath engagements__24

sutro bath engagements__25ab

sutro bath engagements__27

sutro bath engagements__28

sutro bath engagements__29

sutro bath engagements__30

sutro bath engagements__31ab

sutro bath engagements__33

sutro bath engagements__35ab

sutro bath engagements__37

sutro bath engagements__38ab

sutro bath engagements__40

sutro bath engagements__41

sutro bath engagements__34

sutro bath engagements__42

sutro bath engagements__43

sutro bath engagements__44ab

sutro bath engagements__46

sutro bath engagements__47

sutro bath engagements__48ab

sutro bath engagements__50

sutro bath engagements__51

sutro bath engagements__52

Alicia and Michael, thank you so much for having me out to see your lovely new city and make some portraits of the two of you in it! I am so excited for your McKinney Flour Mill wedding this September!

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