arlinda & anthony

I got a call from Arlinda two weeks or so before her wedding.

She had decided that she needed engagement pictures and could I pretty please fit her in? (insert cute Arlinda smile)

If you know Arlinda, you know no one can say “no” to this cute-as-a-button human being. I was so pleased to find an open evening in my calendar just for a quick mini-session for my old journalism buddy from our days of working at the North Texas Daily together in college.

She told me she didn’t need anything extensive. She just needed one good picture. (These are just a few of my personal favorites.)

There’s just something so satisfying about seeing someone you knew once, being so¬†happy.

Don’t get me wrong, Arlinda was always smiling when I knew her before she was with Anthony.

But seeing her now, in Anthony’s arms, beaming?

She was wearing a smile with so big it looked as if her tiny body could have just burst with happiness at any moment.

Arlinda, I’m so happy for you. And your happiness.

I hope you got your one, good picture and many more.

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