It is my pleasure to introduce you to Kimberly and Christopher.

She was sitting at the front of the bus on the way to her choir concert before she worked up the nerve to go back and talk to him.

He was a senior and she was a sophomore. And a friend had told her that Christopher had a crush on her.

He was an older guy, and, what can Kimberly say? He dressed well too. How could she possibly resist?

Thankfully she didn’t resist it. She walked down the bus aisle to where Christopher was sitting and introduced herself. And now, several years later, that trip is leading her back down an aisle to where Christopher is — but this time it’s down the wedding aisle.

When we first met up and Christopher stepped out of the car I said something about him looked really spiffy for his engagement pictures. He looked down at his clothes a little confused and said, “I dress this way all the time . . .”

I love that big Kimberly laugh in the background. I love a laugh that won’t even let you stand up straight it’s so uncontainable.

Kimberly and Christopher’s wedding next March will include vintage bicycles and lots and LOTS of home-made pinwheels.

Christopher is involved in SGA at the University of North Texas, which is why he knew that UNT is powerd partially by a wind turbine farm in Munster. And really, wind turnbines are just like really, really massive pinwheels, right?

That little nose crinkle that Kimberly does gets me EVERY. TIME. Probably does a little number on Christopher’s heart too, I”m just saying.

Looooooooooooooove this photo. It breathes hug and holding and closeness.

For the last leg of the session we brought out the box of pinwheels that Kimberly had made herself to create ourselves a pinwheel field.

It just seems to me that there probably isn’t anything quite like sitting in your own personal pinwheel field in the arms of the one you love.

Kimberly’s ring is from 1933 and the stlye fits her perfectly — she and Christopher both leave the “old soul” impression.

I treasure the time I got to spend with you, Christopher and Kimberly. Time spent  learning about your lives and documenting your love, your sweetness,  and your engaged-ness.

I’m so excited for your FABULOUS Off the Grid wedding in March!

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