Remember Claudia and Doug? Well they’re married now and have the same last name. Here are a few shots from their lovely wedding day — full of joy, intentionality and love. Lots and lots of love.

As you can tell, Claudia had a lovely start to her morning with her (now) sister-in-law doing her hair and make-up (Laura, you did some FLAWLESS work, by the way), and one of her bridesmaids massaging her bridal shoulders.

This is actually the dress I wore on my  wedding day too! When I pulled it out of the dress bag I did a happy little surprised dance. Claudia, you have excellent taste!

(side-note: I accidentally used the wrong color sash in the picture — I didn’t even realize there were any other sashes in the bag! Sorry, Claudia.)

James set up and shot this above detail photo and I’m just really proud of it.

Claudia and Doug are intentional people. For instance, their wedding colors — a very specific teal and pink — were plucked from the very sunset the evening that Doug proposed. That is what I mean by intentional.

As I mentioned in their blissfully engaged post, Claudia and Doug are both photographers, so it was an honor to be chose to photographically document their wedding day. Notice they even used some of the vintage cameras from their engagement shoot in their wedding decorations!

Claudia made the cute bird cake-topper herself!

Doug and his groomsmen formed a tie-tying support group in the men’s room.

Here Claudia’s sweet maid-of-honor admires her best friend as she just donned her wedding dress.

I loved the mass of shots I got of Claudia’s dad seeing her in her dress for the first time. Here are just a couple of my favorites of that moment.

As I mentioned above, Claudia and Doug are photographers which makes photos a very special component of their wedding day. For these reasons Claudia and Doug opted to do a “first look” before their ceremony.

Claudia, I’m pretty sure you were a hit.

Every time I’ve been around these two, Doug has had this precious way of looking at Claudia that seems as if he can’t believe it’s really her standing next to him. This look was even more prevalent this day.

Because Doug and Claudia chose to do a first look, we had plenty of time to follow that special moment with some portraits of the two of them soaking up their soon-to-be-wedded bliss.

We followed the bride and groom portraits with some shots of the wedding party.

A few minutes before the ceremony James came and found me with an excited smile on his face. “Get Claudia to make the face that shows how she feels right before she gets married.”

These were our Doug and Claudia’s “I’m-about-to-get-married” faces:

I pair photos together in diptychs such as this one and the two aisle shots paired above to show some of the advantages of having a second-shooter on one’s wedding day — you get to see the wedding day from two different vantage points.

The ceremony started with their friend leading the group in “In Christ Alone” and it was a sweet time of worshipping Jesus.

In being around these two, you’ll find that they’re the type of people you consider an honor to know, and an honor to get the opportunity to witness such love.

Doug and Claudia were so overjoyed they could barely contain it — and it was contagious. Joy was everywhere at this wedding. Just everywhere.

After some shots with sweet family, Doug, Claudia and I ran up to the balcony to catch the tail end of the sunset.

And on that note we entered the reception, where the celebration ensued with dinner and some sincere toasts from the best man and maid-of-honor and that led us up to some lovely outdoor dancing.

And then they were off — all married and sharing the same last name.

It was such a beautiful wedding, Claudia and Doug. This single post couldn’t even contain all that was lovely from your day.

Thank you for letting me be there to document your big, big love for each other.

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