Killer shoes.

Killer shoes can start a wedding day off right faster than the roadrunner can beep-beep.

You know what else helps? A couple as in love with each other as Jacklyn and Matt.

(And just so you know, I blame my mother for the roadrunner being the first fast thing I could reference just now.)

I love coming in on the wedding day from the very beginning, right as it begins to unfold.

I love seeing the nervous-giddy look in a bride’s eyes.

I love catching her remember from time to time, to herself, Today is my wedding day.

Jacklyn and Matt got  ready at their reception venue, the YWCA, which was right across the street from their ceremony site, The First United Methodist Church in downtown Fort Worth.

One could tell that Jacklyn really poured herself into the reception details and decor, so I loved being able to integrate some of those pieces into various detail shots throughout the day.

In the next room, James documented the finishing prep stages of Matt and his groomsmen before we headed to the church for their first look.

Matt is a talented videographer and both he and Jacklyn highly valued photography as an essential part of their wedding day. A couple after my own heart.

They chose to do their first look in the courtyard of the FUMC and I could not have selected a better setting myself.

After they had soaked up their glorious first look moment we moved into some bride-groom portraits.

Jacklyn and Matt are the type of people who are equally sincere and kind as they are beautiful.

This basically equals a whole heckofalotta sincerity and kindness.


Did I mention the church was, oh, yeah, uhh-mazing?

Um, yeah, and did I mention yet that Matt and Jacklyn are  amazing?

Models, human beings, clients, all of the above.

We finished with plenty of time for family portraits and some moments of stillness before the ceremony.

Before the ceremony, Matt had surprised Jacklyn with a new ring! I was delighted to get to my hands and camera on the brand new bling for the ring portraits. Way. to. go. Matt.

This bouquet toss was one for the record books. Keep your eyes on the one with her arms stretched out in front of her. She had her eyes on the prize.

The night ended as perfectly as it began — birdseed, a yellow dune-buggy and a sweet, sweet couple driving off into the Fort Worth skyline all in love and married and stuff.

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