Meet Hollye.

Hollye is another dear friend of mine. She had never had any photos taken of just her before so for her birthday we set out on a picture-taking adventure! Here are a few of the shots from our walk.

Several things you will immediately notice upon meeting Hollye are: 1) she is absolutely beautiful 2) she is absolutely hilarious and 3) she puts her whole heart into everything she does.

For these reasons she is 1) a particularly good friend and 2) particularly fun to take pictures of.

Annnnnd she brought props — a FULL SUITCASE of props! We had so much to work with which made for an absolutely delightful shoot. Delightful, I say!

On our walk we were also toting a large golden picture frame (around my neck — it was very becoming) and mirror, just waiting for the opportune moment to use them in our shoot.

Gosh, I know I said it earlier but something I l-o-v-e-d about photographing Hollye is that she was completely uninhibited in everything she did. She didn’t make one awkward or embarrassed face the entire shoot — she just threw herself into every pose, every facial expression, every laugh and it made for beautiful, uninhibited photos.

Don’t get me wrong — I don’t mind people who make awkward faces. I’m one of them when I’M in front of the camera. But I want everyone I ever take pictures of to know that I’m NEVER behind my camera thinking to myself, “WHAT do they think they are doing?” whenever someone is trying something new for a picture or really committing to a particular pose.  I’m pretty much always behind my camera thinking, “That’s so great!!”

I like to think of the mirror in these pictures as a rabbit’s hole into another world.

Gosh. I love everything about this picture — the cool, quiet contentedness of it all.

Yeah, girl.

We wanted to end with some standard Hollye shots — her Ray-Bans and a button down.

Why yes, Hollye did happen to have a giant, glittery maple leaf on hand.

Hollye, you are beautiful.

Yeah, I’ll end on that note.

Thank you, my friend, for letting me take you picture. I hope they fully capture your amazing, adventurous spirit.


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