Sometimes when things go wrong it’s actually the best thing that could happen.

Breann’s bridal session was one such recipe for creativity. The day before her outdoor bridal session was to take place it rained. Not sprinkled. Rained. Breann called me to see what our course of action would be, as it was much too muddy to do her bridal’s outside and she wasn’t going to be able to reschedule to another day. I told her I’d think of an indoor option for her session.

I thought.

And I thought.

Nothing was coming, so I thought some more.

Finally I texted James (I had stayed the night at my parent’s house because Breann’s session was in my hometown a couple hours away) and asked him if HE had any ideas.

His response was simple: Uncle James

Of COURSE. My Uncle James owns a phenomenal flower shop a couple of towns over from my parent’s place and I had been itching to use some of their furniture in storage in some of my photos — why not just use their entire storage space as a set-up for Breann’s bridal session?

I called, my dear Uncle James so graciously obliged (but not without first being all, “Uh, have you seen the storage room?”), and the new location was set for the storage space behind Scott’s Flowers.

I REALLY wish I had thought to take a “before” photo of the space, but alas, I jumped right in and started moving things around to turn it into a photo set. And by “I” I definitely mean “me + Uncle James-who-stopped-working-to-help-me-out.” Maybe now is a great time for me to mention how much I love that guy . . .

And this is the space we ended up with after a hefty ’bout of rearranging:

Of course the stunning Mrs. Bersi makes it all the prettier.

After using the indoors for the majority of the session we stepped right outside the back doors to soak up the pretty setting sunlight.

 So yeah. The moral of the story is:

1) last minute and semi-stressful changes of plans can equal recipes for creativity

2) Breann is ridiculously gorgeous. (Can that be considered a moral? Either way, it’s fact.)

3) Uncle James is so good to me.

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