It was an evening this past June a couple of hours before our session when I heard the thunder.

I reached to open the blinds to my office window and the overcast sky told me what I suspected so I made the call.

Kaitlyn’s voice on the other end told me she was aware of the weather too.

I gave her the options:

– reschedule

– find an indoor location

– brave the rain

Her answer: “Why don’t we just play in the rain?”

I knew I liked that girl . . .

I think I know what you may be thinking: “BRAAAAAAVE the rain?!?! I see umBRELLas, and AWNings, INdoors and PARKing garages. That’s not BRAVERY!”

Well, just you wait.

Seriously you two — y’all make the rain look lovely.

Thanks for playing in the rain together and letting me document.

I’m ridiculously excited for your wedding this December!

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