Meet Jenny.

Jenny is my sweet, giggly, little cousin.

So I have no idea how it is possible that I am sitting here posting her s-e-n-i-o-r pictures . . .

It was an overcast day when we took her pictures, and I love the silvery, diffused natural light we were given to work with.

And no, she doesn’t model on the side. She’s just a natural.

Jenny’s mom, Joan (my  mom’s cousin which makes her my second-cousin but I still sometimes knowingly call her an aunt), was with us at the session, and told me that ever since Jenny was a little girl she loved to twirl. So twirl she did.

I love this shot above more than I think I can explain.

Jenny attends Southlake Carroll High School, where she’s competed in track and field and will be going into her fourth year of playing trombone in the band.

Jenny is the type of girl who is all kinds of gorgeous, but I’m not even sure if she fully realizes it.

So this is me helping you realize it, if you needed any help, Jenny.

For the last portion of the shoot Jenny whipped out her high heels and worked it at the Southlake Town Square.

And we’ll end with this shot of Jenny and her beloved family cat, Bear, because this shot is just so Jenny – sweet and beautiful.

Jenny, it’s just amazing to me that you’ll be going off to your pick of college next fall — it really blows my mind. I’m so excited to see where you choose and how you’ll flourish there. I have no doubts in my mind that you’ll do wonderfully.

Here’s to a great senior year!

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