Y’all all know Tiffany and Trevor. Rememberrrrr? How about now?

These two have been faithful supporters of Jillian Zamora Photography for almost a year now, and I couldn’t have been happier to document their beautiful, beautiful love on that lovely Friday in May.

Tiffany started her wedding day off at Soho Salon in Denton.

The wedding party got ready at the reception venue, The Milestone. This was my first wedding to shoot there, but I cannot rave enough about how great this venue was to shoot in — everything was so beautiful, the place let in an incredible amount of natural light, and gave plenty of variety in shooting locations. Not to mention that the staff was so on top of everything and great to work with.


One of Tiffany’s wedding presents to Trevor was this pocket-watch.

Not long after the dress was on, Trevor sent the boys to deliver a message from him to his bride-to-be.

If time allows, I typically take photos of the groom with each individual groomsmen (likewise with the bride and each bridesmaid) and I tell them that I want to take a photo that embodies their relationship with each other. I particularly enjoyed this series of Trevor with his brother Nathan. It was a thumb war and Nathan won both times . . . obviously . . .

. . . and THIS series of Tiffany’s older brother Ben “beating up” Trevor.

I’m fully convinced that all of these guys were pros. I mean, just look at them.

Trevor recently commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps and will soon attend flight school. I was so glad that there was enough time allotted in the wedding day schedule to get some shots of Trevor in his marine blues.

Then it was the girls’ turn, and were they ready to work it out.

And, well, this was just really funny.

After we finished up with Tiffany and her lovely bridesmaids, Tiffany and Trevor did their “first look” that I blogged about in my last post. Because they did a first look we were able to move from that moment into time they had set aside for bride-groom portraits that would have otherwise been squeezed into the time between their ceremony and reception. I couldn’t be more pleased with the shots we got.

Tiffany. You could stop traffic. Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have before. You should seriously be careful with a face like that.

Y’all are just killing me. Killing me with those model faces.

And this next photo was an accident of sorts, believe it or not. I told them “at ease” while I gathered the rest of the wedding party and they leaned back on the couch to rest. I looked back, saw the light and told them “DON’T. MOVE.”

We even had time to take all the immediate family portraits at before heading over to First Baptist Denton to wait until time for the ceremony. I love this candid shot of Tiffany with her parents.

One last mother-daughter moment in the dressing room and then it was off to First Baptist Denton for the ceremony.

Because these two had allotted so much time to wedding day photos, I’m having to blog two separate posts to do the day justice. Look back on the blog soon for the second post of Tiffany and Trevor’s wedding day.

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