Meet Jacklyn and Matt.

The minutes before I met them for the shoot they were buying pillows.

I know I left you hanging in mystery with the sneak peek last week, but now I’ll clue you in — Matt had finally convinced Jacklyn to include a pillow fight in their engagement shoot. And now that I’ve hooked you, the fight will be at the end of the post, so I guess you’ll just have to keep reading.

Somebody just TRY and tell me this girl ISN’T Mary-Kate Olsen. COME ON!

(Side note: I may or may not have, at one time in my life, owned every single Olsen movie ever made. I love me some Passport to Paris and Holiday in the Sun. Holla.)

Sigh. The almost kiss. Gets me every time.

Do you remember Hollye? Hollye and Jacklyn have been best friends since high school so Hollye lent us her fabulous vintage suitcase and some worn books to work into the shoot as well.

Definitely one of my favorites engagement shots that I’ve done. Possibly of all time. Look at those giddy-to-be-married faces.

A quick outfit change obviously produced some sass inside the two of them, but I certainly wasn’t about to object.

As cool as it would have been to find a random old window hanging on a nearby tree, the window is also Hollye’s. Seriously, Hollye is the wealth of all things nostalgic.

Jacklyn also expressed to me that she definitely wanted some wide-open field shots, so that was our next task.

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooorgeous, Jacklyn. Just gorgeous.

They seriously just started having fun in front of my camera. I ate it up.

And now, right at dusk, segue into pillow fight.

Matt’s vision was to try something new and do something that set their engagement pictures apart — in the form of an all-out, no mercy pillow fight.

Words can.not express how ridiculously excited I get when a client tells me they have an idea like this. It’s like a little kid in a candy shop. And I looooove candy, so that’s saying something.


There were feathers. everywhere. More than I could have ever imagined could possibly fit into two pillowcases.

It was incredible.

I love the mix of slightly blur-motion shots, like the one above, and the slightly sharper images like the one below. I like the different feelings associated with both of them.

Haha. Matt’s little boy face. Love it.

Who knew how super-romantic a pillow fight could turn out?

I get the feeling that Jacklyn and Matt even each other out. It’s not that one or the other is overwhelming on their own, but I guess it’s perhaps even in life Matt is the random pillow-fight to ├é┬áJacklyn’s field. Sure, it’s unexpected — but what they have and who they are in the end result is even better than any original expectation.

(The best news — this was only ONE of TWO engagement shoots that Matt and Jacklyn did. I’ll post their Sundance Square shoot soon!)

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