Meet Phoebe and Nathan.

I’m doing a super-quick post of Phoebe and Nathan’s engagement session because they’re getting married FRIDAY! Wahoo!

Nathan and Phoebe suggested we meet for the session at a small park in Fort Worth that they frequented while dating.

Everything about this photo is lovely. Phoebe is lovely. The way Nathan is looking at Phoebe is lovely (in the manliest way possible). And to top it all off, the light is lovely too.

Love. those. grins.

I enjoy the feeling of an underlying narrative in the photo above left.

Okay. That’s sweet.

I do not have ANYTHING against Nathan’s face, but I’m pretty sure this is my favorite from the shoot.

And I hope that’s okay.

She’s got that engaged glow.

It might seem random to have a merry-go-round shot mixed in among these forest scenes. I suppose it is.

But, if you’ve ever met Phoebe, you know it fits. She’s excited and candid and colorful and as merry as they come. I mean, she IS a kindergarten teacher.

And Nathan? Well, he’s slightly less outwardly excited and candid than Phoebe, but they’re a package deal.

Phoebe and Nathan, I will see you two on Friday!

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