Once upon a time there was an a-DOR-able couple who lived in New Braunfels.

And once upon a time they hired an excited, first-year photographer to shoot their engagements (the couple in the water) and also come out to shoot their wedding. (Holla at my girl Neely for referring me to them when she wasn’t available!)

Casey and Grady were another pivotal couple for the beginning of Jillian Zamora Photography. They came in early (Casey had her signed wedding contract in my inbox by January 2011) and they believed in me. Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail Casey sent me back in April last year leading up to their engagement session:

“Let me preface this email by letting you know that I started to type this: “Here are a few sample photos we like. What do you think about these?,” and then decided to look at Neely’s site and then at yours.

Forget sending you pictures….
YOU ARE AN INSANE PHOTOGRAPHER. I literally have happy tears in my eyes right now thinking about your work. You paint the most perfect of pictures with your artwork. I am in love.”

Such a simple e-mail meant SO MUCH to me and solidified how much I would adore Casey and Grady even before I met them.

And then I met them and it was all downhill for my heart from there — I was in love with this couple.

Grady was waiting to see his bride for the first time . . . and here she comes . . .

Haha, I adore watching groom’s faces right as they know the first look is about to happen — such sweet anticipation!

Haha, most first looks don’t have an audience, but this one did!

Oh, stop it, Casey. You are just TOOCUTE.

You guyyyyyyys, I just love love. Especially love under pretty South Texas trees.

Especially with people who smile like this when they’re together.

Seriously you two — bride-and-groom is a good look for you guys.

I love that first looks allow for opportunity on the wedding day for one-on-one bride-groom time before the hustle and bustle really gets started AND for naturally-lit bride-groom portraits at a low-pressure pace. I’m so appreciative of this time that Casey and Grady scheduled into the day for just that and I certainly hope the resulting photos are reflective of it.

And here comes the flower girl, with bridesmaids in tow . . .

Awaiting us at the venue was SUCH a darling ceremony set up. Darling, darling, darling.

I could not get enough of this guy’s “Team Frank” trucker hat made especially for the Frank wedding.

Everyone deserves a custom trucker hat for their wedding day.

I dare you to look at the above photo and tell me you DON’T love Casey.

Homegirl is totally rocking out to “Firework” in the above photo.

 Goodness gracious, how to wrap up the Casey-Grady-wedding blogpost?

Thank you for believing in me.

I’m SO GLAD y’all are married.

Also, I think y’all are awesome.

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