Revisiting Meagan and Matt’s Fort Worth Stockyards engagement session from last December was so fun for me because I don’t end up shooting a whole lot of engagement shoots for couples whose wedding I’m not also shooting.

Meagan and Matt already had a wedding photographer when they saw some engagement photos I did for a friend Meagan worked with so they decided to book a session with me as well. This day was literally the first and last day I’ve seen these two. They came in and out of my life in a matter of two hours.

But I really liked them, and these photos have stuck with me. Matt had such a sweet, sweet way of interacting with Meagan and I could tell that Meagan had an effortless way of bringing out the lighthearted side of him.

I hope you guys are doing well. I have a feeling y’all are.


My little-photographer’s-heart leapt for joy to get to pose these  two on Matt’s motorcycle because I always love when a couple seizes an opportunity to integrate something fun, fresh and personal into their sessions . . . especially when that fun, fresh, personal item is a motorcycle.

We’ll end with a few of the photos I snagged of these two beautiful people in a bar where we ended the session.

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