Bettye and Charles’ darling daughter Jessica contacted me about taking some photos of her parents to celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary. It was the absolute sweetest, most precious session I’ve photographed to date.

I won’t write much more because I think Bettye summed it all up perfectly in just a few sentences, “What can I say about loving Charlie? I’m just glad he didn’t run the other way. Sixty-three years and we’ve only just begun. Truth is, he has taken good care of us always.”

After 63 years of marriage Betty still swoons each and every time Charles kisses her.
She’s putty in his arms.
Her laughs are probably similar to the 12-year-old giggle she had when they first met.
“Oh, Charles! Isn’t this so fun?!” she asks over and over again.
And maybe Charles wasn’t openly swooning. I don’t even recall a giggle. But the smile on his face as he looked into his wife’s eyes told me that he was putty too.

I can’t express with words how absolutely beautiful it was to see the love Bettye and Charles share — but I hope these photos show even a glimpse of it.

These photos were taken around Jessica’s lovely Ardmore bed and breakfast, the Shiloh Morning Inn and Jessica and her husband took such great care of us during our wonderful stay the evening of the shoot. And you’re going to be hard-pressed to ever find a nicer couple of people to welcome you in.

Thank you, Jessica, for giving me an opportunity to document such sweet, sweet love. Bettye and Charles, I wish you many more years of married bliss!

Hello, blog. It’s been a while since I did a full photo post but I’m SO excited to be back and I’m picking up right where I left off! I’m glad to be back with such a lovely, lovely wedding for a lovely, lovely couple.

I first met Jessica and Matt my freshman year of college. They were both older than me and had started dating the summer before I got there. Did I know this information because Jessica and/or Matt had personally confided this in me? Nope. I knew it because everyone was talking about what an ADORABLE couple they were together.

This was my first impression of the two of them.

And that is my current impression of them as a couple to this very day. They’re perfect for each other.

We started off the day at First Baptist Lewisville with some detail shots of the lovely birdcage flower arrangements and some final prep shots of the bride and groom.

Matt and Jessica opted to do a first look before their wedding ceremony and I have to say that Matt has had the best first look reaction I’ve ever had the privilege to witness.

After it was completed James ran over to me with his camera and said, “Look! He looks like a little kid in a candy store.”

And I’d say that is a perfectly accurate description.

(Jessica, you had a GREAT reaction too.)

Get it, guys.

Jessica, you are just radiant. Radiant.

After a sweet moment with her dad, Jessica and the girls headed outside to start the wedding party photos off right — lots and lots of laughing.

All of Jessica’s bridesmaids donned handmade necklaces that one of our super-talented metalsmith friends, Chelsey, created!

I can’t remember at exactly which point in the ceremony that I caught my eyes tearing up. I was overjoyed that these two — these two individuals that I couldn’t imagine ever fitting quite as nicely with anyone else, ever, than the person they were standing next to up on that stage — were becoming husband and wife.

After the ceremony it was off to the Bridlewood Golf Club for a reception filled with some of the sweetest centerpieces imaginable.

After cutting the cake, James and I snuck Jessica and Matt out of the reception for a few minutes to take a few more bride and groom portraits on the beautiful grounds of Bridlewood Golf Club. I love to make the most of every moment I have alone with the bride and groom on their wedding day because I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve taking bride-groom portraits.


Garter toss.


 And there you have it.

Jessica and Matt. Married. Perfectly.

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