I’m beginning this post where I left off in my last post, just beginning the wedding ceremony of Tiffany and Trevor.

James had the important job of photographing from his hidden spot in the choir loft, and he got some really great face shots while I shot the stage from the floor.

One benefit of having a second-shooter:

This picture above just makes me happy. I can just hear them thinking, “We’re almost husband and wife!!”

Reason #417 why I love Tiffany and Trevor: their kiss was immediately followed by a high-five.

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that Tiffany and Trevor, having lived in Denton all their lives, have connections, one of which is with Frenchy’s Lawn and Tree Service. Frenchy’s is a business local to Denton that places messages on their signature orange vans all across town. This day he gave a shout-out to the newly minted Mr. and Mrs.

Annnnnnnd reception. Marines were ALL OVER this wedding. All Marines. All the time. Everywhere you looked there were swords and uniforms.

Annnnnd for the bouquet toss . . . I love putting Tiffany’s reactions from these next photos with the girls actions in the next-next photos.

(Don’t worry, guys. It’s still Tiffany that Trevor is kissing, she just changed into her reception dress.)

Well, Mr. and Mrs. Sewell, I guess this is where I’ll end my post of your glorious wedding.

Thank you.

Thank you for letting me be a part.

And thank y’all for being such a big part of growing Jillian Zamora Photography into what it is today.

The end of this blogpost almost feels like the end of an era — the Tiffany-and-Trevor-wedding-mania has been the life-blood of Jillian Zamora Photography for so long now. Their (first) engagement shoot was the very first post on this blog. I would be sad, but Tiffany has already told me she’s started a list of all the photo shoots she’s planning on having me do for them in the future. And I’m entirely okay with that.

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