Happy Friday, friends!

You know what is super-fun to do on a Friday afternoon? Reliving a bit of Hadly and Adam’s November 2011 Palace Theatre wedding day in downtown Grapevine.


Their ceremony was literally on stage. In a theatre. Red curtain and all. I loved it.

And Hadly’s J. Crew wedding dress? I’m going to have to say that it might very well be the loveliest wedding dress I have ever seen in my life. I adored everything about it and it certainly didn’t hurt that the girl wearing it was just as sweet as the dress itself.

Adam looked quite dapper in his wedding day attire as well!

When Hadly, Adam and I first got together to discuss their wedding I knew that this was going to be a very special experience for me as a wedding photographer.

They are both artists, and therefore highly valued photography. They told me of their plans for an intimate theatre wedding that they wanted focused almost more around friends and family that themselves (because that’s just the type of people Hadly and Adam are). They told me they desired photos with a photojournalistic flare and more than anything they wanted me to have freedom to go for shots that I might have been too afraid to take at other weddings in fear that I might miss a standard shot I knew I was supposed to get.

This was an interesting thought as I went into this wedding day. Yes, there was freedom in it, but also the pressure of delivering something extra-especially-special. Going into the day I wondered if I would choke or thrive in this freedom.

My hope is that I thrived.

Sure James and I still shot the classic shots a wedding photographer needs to get — the processional, the vows, the family portraits — but I loved knowing that Hadly and Adam trusted my intuition more than they desired all of the go-to wedding day shots.

Their ceremony was short and sweet but also filled with some of the most poetic, beautiful vows I’ve heard to this day.

Pssh.  Artists.  Am I right?


I always love, love, love images taken in the freshest, most dear moments directly following being pronounced husband and wife.

After portraits we headed into the sweetest of receptions, filled with first dances between a new husband and wife, heartfelt toasts by brothers and sisters, and lots of conversations amongst friends. You could feel the intimacy and genuine enthusiasm for Adam and Hadly throughout the small room.

 Hadly and Adam were sent off with chorused applause and many warm smiles.

Thank you, Hadly and Adam for letting us document your lovely wedding a year ago next month. We treasured it.

Also, someone please hire me to shoot a wedding at the Palace Theatre because I cannot wait to shoot there again.

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