Revisiting Meagan and Matt’s Fort Worth Stockyards engagement session from last December was so fun for me because I don’t end up shooting a whole lot of engagement shoots for couples whose wedding I’m not also shooting.

Meagan and Matt already had a wedding photographer when they saw some engagement photos I did for a friend Meagan worked with so they decided to book a session with me as well. This day was literally the first and last day I’ve seen these two. They came in and out of my life in a matter of two hours.

But I really liked them, and these photos have stuck with me. Matt had such a sweet, sweet way of interacting with Meagan and I could tell that Meagan had an effortless way of bringing out the lighthearted side of him.

I hope you guys are doing well. I have a feeling y’all are.


My little-photographer’s-heart leapt for joy to get to pose these  two on Matt’s motorcycle because I always love when a couple seizes an opportunity to integrate something fun, fresh and personal into their sessions . . . especially when that fun, fresh, personal item is a motorcycle.

We’ll end with a few of the photos I snagged of these two beautiful people in a bar where we ended the session.

Gosh, everyone should meet Claudia and Doug in their lifetime.

We started out this lovely afternoon at the Fort Worth botanical gardens because Claudia has an affinity for this here magnolia tree.

Did I mention that they are both photography enthusiasts?! That makes ME enthusiastic!

(Too corny? Maybe?)

Their shoot was just entirely inspired and (my hope is) entirely them. They brought along some vintage cameras, glass vases and a blanket to customize the shoot. It. was. awesome.

Everything about the way Claudia and Doug treat each other communicates that they think the other is precious. I’m not talking “squeeze a baby’s little bitty toe” precious — I’m talking precious in the truest meaning of the word. The way they hold, look, and speak to each other tells me that they consider the other highly, highly valuable. The way they interact just screams that they cherish each other. They understand that they have found a rare find in the other.

It’s beautiful.

When I was first uploading these photos to my computer after the shoot I passed this one and it resonated with me — this (to me) is Claudia and Doug in photo form.

And THEN they bust out a polaroid. Work it, Doug.

The last time I took a polaroid was like 5th grade, so I’m pretty pleased with this shot if I do say so myself.

The essence of closeness is what calls to me in this above shot.

I wrote that above line and wondered if what I meant would be communicated, so I looked up the definition of “closeness” to try and better express myself. This was the top definition and it fit just perfectly:

“a feeling of being intimate and belonging together”

James happened to attend this session with me so that he could continue practice second-shooting. He took the above shot and a few others I used in this post. YAY JAMIE!

Also, be sure to notice the camera hanging from the tree branch. I was jut really excited about that.

GUYS, y’all are just so pretty!

And this magical shot above? James’.

Next we headed over to the nearby Fort Worth Public Market Building, built in 1930. For months I have passed this building and each time thought to myself, “I bet that would make a good place for pictures . . . ” So when Doug suggested it as a location they’d like to use in their shoot I was ecstatic! Finally I had an excuse to shoot there.

You are just beautiful, Claudia. And the way Doug looks at you says he agrees with me on that topic.


There are no words.

So. much. fierceness.

When Doug got out of the car he was holding some white cardboard in his hands.

Curious, I asked, “What’s that?”

He smiled coyly. “An equation.”

Eyebrows raised and forehead wrinkled I looked at him, waiting for further explanation.

“A love equation,” he finished.


I believe that was my line of thought after I looked at this shot all set up.

Four days.

Four days until this couple is back in front of my camera.

Four days until the wedding day that joins this precious couple.

I. can’t. wait.

You already know Jacklyn and Matt from their epic pillow fight in the last post. The following day we set out for Sundance Square. Jacklyn and Matt had suggested this location for their engagement pictures not only because it’s where they’ve gone on many dates together, but’s also the place where Matt proposed last Christmas season.

This spot is THE spot where it went down.

I loooooooooove when an engagement shoot location has a special meaning to the couple. Good work, guys.

I can say WITH CONVICTION that I am probably this wall’s biggest fan.

The way you can tell if a jumping photo is really meant to be is if it’s successful on the first shot.

Bingo. This one was meant to exist.

In the picture on the left she has just melted. into his arms. I just figure that’s how it always ought to be.

Can you say “awesome outfit change?” Check. out. those. shoes.

This picture makes me happy.

I really can’t get over those shoes, Jacklyn. Matt’s argyle socks are a nice touch too.

I love the shift in Jacklyn’s face from this photo above to her face of expectation below . . .

. . .  either she saw this coming or her face begged Matt to make a move . . .

Before heading out we decided to snag some Fort Worth skyline shots.

I’m in love with this next picture on the right.

I cannot stress enough how natural Jacklyn and Matt were in front of the camera — such a pleasant surprise. Let me clarify — I never expect clients to be professional models and to need some encouragement and direction but Jacklyn and Matt just fell into each pose like they do this everyday.

“Oh, what was that, Jillian? You’d like us to kiss a little longer? Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.”

No big deal, I’m just hanging off the side of a building.

And we’ll end with a holly, jolly (but not necessarily flattering) picture of me and my uhhh-mazing clients who rocked it our for the second day in a row.

You should cut me some slack though — I DID just finish hanging off the side of a building.

Matt and Jacklyn, I’m super-pumped for your Fort Worth wedding this August!

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