Meet Christina and Jeff.

I got an e-mail from Christina in mid-June asking about my availability for her wedding at the beginning of August.

Surely she means August of next year? I thought to myself as I responded with my pricing information.

Nope, she responded. She really meant she’d like to book me for her wedding in two months.

It was a Sunday wedding, so I was available and gladly marked Christina and Jeff down in my calendar. So it’s been a bit of an expedited process with this couple, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it! Here’s a peek at some of the products from our engagement session a couple of  weeks ago.

Christina is a visual arts major at the University of North Texas and wanted to integrate her love of art into the shoot by bringing along a couple of easels, a canvas and some charcoal. I was thrilled! I love personalized shoots, and I had never done one like this before!

Christina, you are beautiful.

Throughout the process of the shoot I loved getting to hear the story of Christina and Jeff’s relationship — it’s always one of my favorite parts of engagement sessions!

They met on the  beach one day in California.

Well, that’s what they tell people.

I had to do some digging to find out  they actually met in the parking lot of an Italian restaurant en route to the beach.

Christina was 18 and Jeff was older and, at the time, a Marine.

Needless to say, Christina’s dad, also military, had lots of questions for this boy who wanted to date his daughter.

Her dad also made some calls to Jeff’s employers to make sure this guy was alright.

Turns out Jeff passed the initial dad-test, and three years later it would seem that he passed the Christina-test because they’re engaged to be married.

After a quick outfit change, we put up the easel, grabbed Christina’s sketch pad, and went for a walk a bit further into the forest.

I just want to throw out there that Christina and Jeff are some of the friendliest, most pleasant people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and this above picture reminds me of that.

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Get it, you two. Working it next to a fallen tree.

Christina and Jeff are both pick-up soccer players and play in a team league together, so we ended the session kicking around a soccer ball.

Christina and Jeff, I’ll be seeing y’all soon — 17 days to be exact! And I cannot wait.

Meet Phoebe and Nathan.

I’m doing a super-quick post of Phoebe and Nathan’s engagement session because they’re getting married FRIDAY! Wahoo!

Nathan and Phoebe suggested we meet for the session at a small park in Fort Worth that they frequented while dating.

Everything about this photo is lovely. Phoebe is lovely. The way Nathan is looking at Phoebe is lovely (in the manliest way possible). And to top it all off, the light is lovely too.

Love. those. grins.

I enjoy the feeling of an underlying narrative in the photo above left.

Okay. That’s sweet.

I do not have ANYTHING against Nathan’s face, but I’m pretty sure this is my favorite from the shoot.

And I hope that’s okay.

She’s got that engaged glow.

It might seem random to have a merry-go-round shot mixed in among these forest scenes. I suppose it is.

But, if you’ve ever met Phoebe, you know it fits. She’s excited and candid and colorful and as merry as they come. I mean, she IS a kindergarten teacher.

And Nathan? Well, he’s slightly less outwardly excited and candid than Phoebe, but they’re a package deal.

Phoebe and Nathan, I will see you two on Friday!

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