Meet Robyn and Cole.

You know how some people just exude fabulousness? That’s Robyn.

Ok, how do I say this? My first impression of  Cole was not as the type of guy who can be openly lovey-dovey. He comes off as a guy who would be pained by such displays of affection.

Not. with. this. girl. I can just see his initial dispassionate demeanor melt around Robyn. That exterior layer hits the ground in a pool of love and dove.

Robyn informed me that this is how they sit on the couch and watch movies and therefore it must be replicated in their engagement pictures.

See? Fabulousness.

Loooooooooooooooooook at how he loooooks at herrrrrrrrrr. Doesn’t it just kill you? Never, ever forget how to look at her like that, Cole.

Let me talk straight with you — I am incredibly pleased with a lot of pictures that came out of this shoot. But this one above is one of my favorites.

Now, we’ve already talked about the way Cole looks at Robyn. But now watch how Robyn looks at Cole.

Go ahead and let it stop your heart for a bit.

Can I just tell you how this picture happened? I was positioning Robyn and Cole when Robyn looked back at me for a second and I immediately said, “Stop. right. there.” Forget the original pose — this was too good to pass up.

Throughout the shoot I kept noting to myself, “THAT shot was the ‘hero-shot.'” Usually a shoot will bring a definitive “hero-shot” — the shot that stands above all the rest. But with these two I would keep shooting and find myself saying, “No, I guess THIS one is the ‘hero-shot’ . . . or maybe it’s this one?” There were SO many take-away shots from this one. At the risk of sounding cheesy, it was like magic unfolding in front of my eyes over and over. Robyn and Cole — you are breathtaking together.

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