Meet Brenna and Josef.

I will give one of my blog readers 10 points and four gold stars worth of blog-stalker-awesomeness if anyone (who doesn’t already know Brenna or Josef) can name under what circumstances Brenna has previously been on the blog (in three separate posts, I do believe).

We started the engagement shoot at Recycled.


Because Brenna and Josef’s favorite thing to do together is read. Specifically Josef. Specifically aloud. Specifically to Brenna.

When they’re driving, when they’re cooking, when they’ve got nothing else going on — Josef reads aloud to Brenna. Now tell me that isn’t the most precious thing you’ve ever heard?

They’ve been together since high school. Sure, there was time apart here and there in the span of years from then until now. But they always came back to each other.

And now, with a wedding planned for next September, they’re back together to stay.

Next Brenna and Josef wanted some pictures with the courthouse to speak to their born-and-raised Dentonite heritage.

I love this. I just really do.

Next we spent a bit of time on some railroad tracks.

Why? Because Brenna and Josef do a lot of traveling. Specifically to each other. Specifically because Josef lives and works in Utah and Brenna in Texas.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, was where the magic first began.

I just love these above two images. Love.

I like that we end this post where this relationship started.

That’s nice. Really nice.

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