This is an ode to a chair — a cute, vintage, perfect-for-a-photo-shoot chair.

A chair that, alas, was never used in Audrey’s two-year shoot yesterday.

Audrey’s grandma brought this adorable chair from her childhood to the shoot for us to use as a prop — but as far as I can tell “chair” was somehow synonymous with “torture device” in Audrey’s understanding.

I love this photo below because it looks like Audrey is planning some form of escape from or attack on the chair.

Don’t you worry, blog readers. There are still lots and lots of great smiling-happy-laughing shots to be had from the shoot — just none including “the chair.”

Oh, beloved chair, one day perhaps you, Audrey and I will be able to reunite peaceably — just not this day.

(Keep watching for the full blog post of Audrey’s two-years-old pictures soon!)

Meet Hollye.

Hollye is another dear friend of mine. She had never had any photos taken of just her before so for her birthday we set out on a picture-taking adventure! Here are a few of the shots from our walk.

Several things you will immediately notice upon meeting Hollye are: 1) she is absolutely beautiful 2) she is absolutely hilarious and 3) she puts her whole heart into everything she does.

For these reasons she is 1) a particularly good friend and 2) particularly fun to take pictures of.

Annnnnd she brought props — a FULL SUITCASE of props! We had so much to work with which made for an absolutely delightful shoot. Delightful, I say!

On our walk we were also toting a large golden picture frame (around my neck — it was very becoming) and mirror, just waiting for the opportune moment to use them in our shoot.

Gosh, I know I said it earlier but something I l-o-v-e-d about photographing Hollye is that she was completely uninhibited in everything she did. She didn’t make one awkward or embarrassed face the entire shoot — she just threw herself into every pose, every facial expression, every laugh and it made for beautiful, uninhibited photos.

Don’t get me wrong — I don’t mind people who make awkward faces. I’m one of them when I’M in front of the camera. But I want everyone I ever take pictures of to know that I’m NEVER behind my camera thinking to myself, “WHAT do they think they are doing?” whenever someone is trying something new for a picture or really committing to a particular pose.  I’m pretty much always behind my camera thinking, “That’s so great!!”

I like to think of the mirror in these pictures as a rabbit’s hole into another world.

Gosh. I love everything about this picture — the cool, quiet contentedness of it all.

Yeah, girl.

We wanted to end with some standard Hollye shots — her Ray-Bans and a button down.

Why yes, Hollye did happen to have a giant, glittery maple leaf on hand.

Hollye, you are beautiful.

Yeah, I’ll end on that note.

Thank you, my friend, for letting me take you picture. I hope they fully capture your amazing, adventurous spirit.


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