Meet Renee, Caleb and their dog, Chanel.

 And yes, Caleb consented to having a dog named “Chanel,” much to Renee’s delight.

After all, this is the same man whose first sighting with Renee was at the spa where she used to work — he was coming in for a facial.

True love really can spark anywhere.

(Your skin looks great, by the way, Caleb.)

We started out in Renee and  Caleb’s new neighborhood, where they had just recently bought a home together.

After snagging some shots with their dear Chanel, we headed to the Denton square. Caleb and Renee both spent most of their growing up years in Denton, but once they started dating they realized they could both trace their grandfathers back to the same town in Ohio. Connections are fun.

After we had taken a few shots in front of this empty store-front Caleb looked up at me real confused and rather skeptical. “Does this look prettier in pictures?” he asked.

We’ll let y’all be the judge . . .

You two do make a picnic table look good, that’s for sure.

As comedic as Caleb liked to play things (above), I was rather impressed to see how convincing his more serious side was (below).

Oh, cut it out, you two.

Renee, you are just fabulous.

Renee and Caleb, y’all are great together.

In front of an abandoned store-front.

On a picnic table.

In an alley.

Even on a loading dock.

Just, plain great together.

That’s my stamp of approval, anyway.

I’m excited for their September wedding at The (ever-lovely) Milestone, coming up in the next few months!

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