Dude. I couldn’t be happier with this afternoon’s engagement session. So much goodness.

Happy December 28th, everyone! I hope you all had the merriest of Christmases. It’s been such a busy season with lots of traveling between mine and James’ families and limited internet access but I’m so pleased to get back to blogging and ESPECIALLY with this particular engagement session.

Shayla and Matt are of the outdoorsy persuasion so Shayla’s vision was for a camping engagement session. It was just SOFUN working within this vision and I’m SOPLEASED with the resulting images. It helps that Shayla and Matt are just so. dang. cute. together.

Shayla, you are for-real stunning.

And what kind of camping-themed session would it be if they didn’t build a fire and make some s’mores?

 Shayla and Matt, I’m already so excited for your wedding! October cannot come fast enough.

Gosh, these two.

I feel like Meredith is the essence of loveliness and Brandon is the good man that will stand by her side, forever soaking up that loveliness.

Meredith and Brandon are both of the studious/intellectual variety, so they brought along some old books and a bookcase for some of the photos.

Meredith is studying biology and brought along this microscope to work into the session.

We don’t have to talk about how I accidentally called in a “stethoscope” at several points during the shoot . . . my bad.

 I so enjoyed working with these two —  watching them laugh together, tease each other and be just all-around adorable was so fun.

I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in May 2013!

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