Introducing Sarah!

The day of Sarah’s senior session started with a bang — well, more of a wail. Tornado sirens were going off in Denton and it was pouring down rain. But, thankfully, it cleared up by the evening, leaving us just enough time to explore downtown Dallas and get some photos with the lovely light reflecting off the wet pavement.

When I walked up to meet who I thought was going to be just Sarah and her mom — I saw Sarah, her mom, her stepdad and, especially unexpected was her boyfriend, who was in my graduating class in high school. Looks like I had chosen the wrong day to whip out one of the shirts I owned in high school. Nice, Jillian. Nice. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeally time to clean out your closet . . .


Sarah had chosen this area in Dallas as our locaton because she loved the funky, urban feel it gave off.

In addition to having legs the length of a runway model and being absolutely gorgeous, Sarah was also completely fearless in front of the camera. She’d laugh, make goofy faces, work the model poses, and just be completely herself. I truly appreciated it.

Speaking of legs-as-long-as-a-runway-model, Sarah will be attending Clarendon college in the fall with a full basketball scholarship. So perhaps I should have said legs-as-long-as-a-basketball-star . . .

I kept laughing from behind my camera. Sarah’s older brother was in my high school class as well and I kept telling her that taking her pictures was like watching a girl-version of Calvin  — too funny.

I lovvvvvvved those suspenders Sarah was sporting that went along great with the funky feel of Dallas.

Gosh, Sarah. You are just stunning.

Soooooo Sarah’s pretty hard core and had a massive bruise on her leg the day of the shoot from a softball (yes, she plays softball too). I took it out in all of the photos except for the two above because  you can only see about a quarter of the bruise but I think it pays homage to her athletecism and all-around general hard-core-ness.

Suspenders AND a romper all in the same shoot?! AM I DREAMING?!?! Love your style, Sarah.

Fierce. Fierceness in romper-form.

Sarah, you are absolutely fabulous! Here’s to a wonderful start at Clarendon in the fall! I know you’ll do great.

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