The day began at a house full of bridesmaids and a bride named Erica.

And now, meet Erica.

I love the way people look at a bride on her wedding day. It looks like this.

While Erica and her bridesmaids finished getting ready, I headed to the reception site, the Santa Fe Train Depot, to grab some detail shots.

I always love seeing the printed versions of the pictures I take, so I was thrilled that one of the major decorating components at the train depot mixed in amongst the roses and different vases were framed photos from the railroad-themed engagement and the bridal sessions I did for them.

I loved the athletic clothes/dress shoes combo of the maid-of-honor, Kelsey, as she rounded up the bride and headed out the door to the church to change for pictures.

“Could I BE holding anymore stuff?” she exclaimed.

After Erica’s mom, Jill, helped the bride slip into her wedding dress she just stepped back and beamed.

For this wedding day we played “hide the bride” as we took pictures before the ceremony so that Josh, the groom, wouldn’t see her before she walked down the aisle.

We sent Erica back inside to hide and then brought out Josh and his groomsmen.

I told them all to take a picture that explains why Josh chose each of them to be his groomsman. This is what they came up with.

This is probably one of my most favorite groomsmen shots I’ve ever taken — everyone was totally committed.

Though the bridesmaids certainly didn’t hold anything back either. Work it, ladies.

I just really like this picture of Josh’s dad. He looks so happy.

As the time for the ceremony approached the bridesmaids and mother of the bride gathered around to pray over Erica.

Gosh, I just always include this moment in my blog posts because I think it’s such a sweet, sweet part of the wedding day. Gets me every time.

This is the face of a girl who’s ready to get married.

And this is the face of a boy who’s ready for his bride.

Erica and Josh wrote their own vows to each other, but I was still caught off-guard when Erica started hers off acknowledging that she can be a drama queen. Turns out their pastor had switched out her real vows with a little something of his own he had written.

This was Erica’s reaction.

Don’t worry though. He handed over her real vows to read after she poked him.

Before heading to the reception I snapped some shots of the bride and groom:

Some were more celebratory.

And some were more sweet.

Then it was off to the reception where friends, food, and cherry cobbler shots awaited.

Two words: Starbucks bar.

Erica and Josh’s reception was not one with dancing, but instead it was the kind of sweet reception where you get to catch up with old friends . . .

. . . and the kind of reception where you see a secret handshake between friends.

Can you guess what just happened?

As a finishing touch to the reception, Erica hired specially-trained body guards to guard the bathroom while she changed into her send-off dress to leave the reception. They were super-intimidating.

Erica and Josh had personalized train whistles for each of the guests to blow as they left the reception.

Erica and Josh, I enjoyed the lovely day of celebration of such a lovely couple. I couldn’t be happier for the two of you!


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