I know, I know, this is my third bridals post in a row but I just got bombarded with brides, okay?!

This particular bride is Jacklyn, and I am so, so pleased to be able to share her bridals with you this morning before I pack up and head to Graham with James for a long over-due visit with his family!

We started off the shoot working with a pretty little chair Jacklyn had brought along for the shoot. She saw it at a friend’s house, liked it, and asked to borrow it.

I love when clients get the opportunity to bring a piece of furniture to a session because it really does add one more fun, unexpected dimension to the shoot.

The wind was for us, and not against us, this particular evening and for that I am thankful.

I just think this above shot is knock-the-breath-out-of-you gorgeous, Jacklyn.

It’s not at every bridals shoot that there’s a bit of an outfit change, but Jacklyn had a spunkier-version of her outfit that she wanted to sport at her reception, so we mixed it in with some shots with my aqua cruiser bike that matched the feel of the outfit change.

I love, love, love that Jacklyn found a way to work her personal style so much into her wedding day attire.

Did I mention that she’s also wearing adorable turquoise Chucks under that pretty white dress? I love it.

So we’re posing with the bike and I’m moving her around and asking her to do this and that’s when Jacklyn mentions that she’d be up for actually riding the bike. Haha. I love an adventurous bride! It wasn’t the easiest thing to do — steering a bike in a wedding dress while holding your train — but Jacklyn made it look effortless.

Gosh, Jacklyn. You’re just beautiful. Entirely and completely.

Hope you’re having a wonderful time on your honeymoon in the Barbados with your h-u-s-b-a-n-d!

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