Dear blog readers —

Brace yourselves. For the sassiest pregnant woman you’ve ever seen.

With that said, meet Kelly.

Kelly and her husband, Nick, met me at The Milestone for the very first maternity shoot I’ve done. Excitement!

Kelly, we would all really appreciate it if you’d leave some fabulousness for the rest of the world. Thankssssss.

And Nick’s working it right along with her. Good job, guys. Teamwork fierceness.

Kelly, it’s just that you’re gorgeous. I think that a lot of it has to do with how your eyes sparkle and you laugh a lot. Even when Nick is telling you to put your belly away.

Kelly was telling me that at this point, they’ve narrowed down the list of potential baby names to four. One thing they can agree on though is that the baby is, in fact, a boy.

Again with the fierceness, you two! Did y’all take classes or something?

Here it comes again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Also, if you can’t handle any more sassiness, you may have to shield your eyes for this next picture . . .

Dear Nick and Kelly, I think y’all are great. And especially great together. And I suspect the greatness will be exponentially greater with “boy” added to the White family soon. Hopefully he’s been listening from the womb when y’all go to that fierceness class of y’all’s.

Thank you for letting me document this sweet season for you.

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