Meet Ryan.

Ryan is my cousin. And, yes. He is wearing a monkey shirt. The monkey shirt has been a staple in his wardrobe since he was eight, so it was only appropriate to start off his senior photo session in it.

Look at those blue eyes and laughing smile! Who couldn’t love this kid?

I guess that’s just the thing, huh? I expected to go take some photos of my little cousin Ryan and ended up taking pictures of this handsome senior guy. I was blown away. WHO IS THIS PERSON IN FRONT OF MY CAMERA?! AND WHERE DID MY LITTLE COUSIN GO?!?

Hello, little camper trailer. I love you.

And old peanut mill? I love you too.

(Proud cousin voice:) Did I mention that Ryan is valedictorian of his graduating class?

AND did I mention that his suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper-beautiful girlfriend is salutatorian? That right there is a couple to watch out for.

This random, empty sign beckoned us. It called, “Ryyyyyan! Ryyyyaaaan! Come take your picture next to meeee!!” So we did.

I ended this session proud. Proud of Ryan growing up. Of how incredibly good-natured he is. Of how his mother can still make him laugh. Of how smart he is. Of who he is.

Go get ’em at A&M, Ryan! You’ve got lots of proud family back home rooting for you.


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