sneak peek, aldrich family

Sometimes things are so precious that words can’t fully describe it.

Sometimes only a picture will suffice.

7 Responses to “sneak peek, aldrich family”
  1. Jillian Palomino says:

    Aunt Jill loves you Annabelle!!! Too cute.

  2. Nana says:

    What joy you have, Annabelle, and what joy you bring!!

  3. Judy Taylor says:

    Annabelle, Juju thinks that you are just about the most adorable little girl that I have ever seen. You are so much fun. Norman & I just love seeing you. You make us smile, laugh & be happy!!!!

  4. Grammy says:

    Annabelle, As our first grandchild, you are everything everyone said you would be – that there is nothing like having grandchildren! You keep us entertained, make us smile and laugh. and bring so much love into our lives – it is like having your mommy all over again except your mommy and daddy do all the “upkeep” now! ha Love you forever!

  5. Aunt Hash says:

    I just want to squeeze those cheeks!!! I miss and love you so much! Every picture of you I have ever seen is absolutely precious… that one you get from your mom; she is sooooo photogenic! I can’t wait to see you around Christmas! Love you bunches!!

  6. Liand says:

    If you could only hear me giggling at these pictures. Take a second and imagine. Yep, you are laughing too right? These family photos are beautiful!!

  7. Payton says:

    Hi its AB’s soul sister! Ya’ll look amazing!

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