one-year-old, Lucian

Meet Lucian.

His first debut on the blog was last winter, with his parents, but this time the session was all about Lucian and his first birthday.

We started out this adorable one-year-old’s shoot on an early morning in McKinney.

Haha, Lucian clearly lacks full faith in his standing abilities . . .

After a couple of shots in this cautious stance he sloooooowly creeped back down to a crawling position where he felt much more comfortable in life.

I don’t think I’ve ever found uncertainty to be this adorable.

It wouldn’t have been a shoot with Lucian if we didn’t pull out his favorite toy: Sophie the giraffee. Sophie helped me out behind the camera most of the shoot, getting Lucian to smile, but for this portion of the session she got the spotlight . . . at least as much spotlight as one can find inside a one-year-old’s mouth.

See this smile below? We can all thank Sophie for it.

For the last half of the shoot, Lucian’s momma, Liz, whipped out the birthday outfit — complete with a fuzzy, birthday, hat.

It’s pictures like this one above that just really make me wish I could know what was going through this little boy’s head in this moment.

Fweet baby pouty lip marks the end of the shoot, even though I could have taken pictures of that puckered out lip until I  ran out of room in my camera card.

Happy birthday, little Lucian. Hope it’s a great second year of life for you. Maybe next time we meet you’ll be much more confident in your standing pose!

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  1. adorable little man!! beautiful pictures!

  2. Sharon McDorman says:

    Your pictures are wonderful–you have an amazing eye for the perfect shot 🙂 Thank you so much for these pics of Lucian.

  3. Colin McDorman says:

    Another great shoot! Thank you!

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