I work with a lot of children, so it would behoove me to stay away from using superlatives in my blogposts.

So I won’t present Harper as THE most beautiful baby boy in the world (although I’m sure his parents do), but I WILL say that this precious boy’s sweet face has stolen my dadgum heart.

It’s that kind of heart-stealing that reduces me to use baby talk verbage when talking to him.

Or just when looking at a photo of him.



Harper has an especially special place in my heart because Casey and Grady are his parents! I shot their engagements and wedding photos too, and it just WARMS MY HEART when clients claim me as their “photographer for life.” I love this family.

Wait for it . . . wait for it . . .

They changed him into a fweet lil German lederhosen!!!

Casey, I am being 100% honest when I say that I don’t think you could possibly be any more beautiful.

Add a nose crinkle and you’ve sealed the deal.

Frank family, y’all are beautiful and wonderful and I just cannot get enough of you!

3 Responses to “harper”
  1. Jacob (your brother) says:

    oh my GOSH! I have no qualms about superlatively saying that, as of writing this comment, he’s in the top three most adorable lil kids I ever did see.

  2. Jacob (your brother) says:

    OH. And Jill: you just continue to deliver fantastic and genuine work. Keep it up.

  3. Kelsey (your friend) says:

    I opened this link and said, “oh oh oh oh OHHHHH.” Beautiful, Jilly.

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