felthous family

Hello blog readers! In case some of you have missed some of my most recent posts let me explain — I am currently posting work that is juuuuust about a year old. Crazy, I know. I explain why at the beginning of this post but I can try to address this decision quickly again here too.

I got really busy last year. Like, reeeeeeally busy. I was an over-zealous first year photographer and took on a TON of photo shoots and weddings and ended up leaving exactly 0.000 % of my day for blogging . . . or sleeping/eating/being a human/etc. You get the idea? I wouldn’t call this season of my life my finest hour, but I did take a LOT of photos, meet a LOT of awesome people and learn a LOT about running a photography business. I’m so thankful for this season of life that yes, stretched me so thin (figuratively . . . haha), but also taught me so much.

And so I’m blogging it, just bits and pieces on my way to catching up to recent work. My editing style has changed with time, but it’s the same JZP eye that took these photos back in November 2011 that also takes the ones I shoot now in October 2013. Come along for the blogging ride! Soon I will also be posting recent work on the blog again, but for now please visit the JZP facebook “like” page to view album previews from my most recent weddings and sessions.

Now up is the darling Felthous family.

Lisa did such an AMAZING job styling all the outfits for each family member for the shoot — she even MADE all of the girls hair pieces. Lisa, I applaud you.

Sister love is such a sweet love to document.

I never ever shoot a family session without taking a few photos of just mom and dad. Because what starts a family is just two crazy kids in love and that’s important to remember too!

Hope you enjoyed just a few of my favorite images from the Felthous session last year!

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