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Meet the Whaley family.

We did this session in honor of lil Wyatt’s first birthday! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

The Whaley family brought along their two dogs, Piper and Dixie. Piper’s the excited 3-year-old puppy in the back and Dixie is the more mature, composed one in the front — Monica and Cody have had Piper since college!

Wyatt and Piper (at least I think this one is Piper . . .) must have been on the same epic wavelength for this photo.

Cody and Monica went on their very first date together on Monica’s 17th birthday. This week will mark 11 years for this lovely couple.

Gosh, I just thought this was the funniest thing. Monica, Cody, Wyatt and the pups were walking toward the camera when, all of a sudden, Wyatt raised his fist in the air. I’m not sure if it was in triumph or protest — but either way, it was funny.

I know, I know, I’m posting a lot more black and white edits than color edits, but that sweet baby boy face just called to me, “Put me in black and whiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttteeee . . . .”

I am a sucker for matching father-son, mother-daughter (whatever familiar combo, really) articles of clothing — look at those teeny, tiny Sperry’s next to his daddy’s feet!

Everything was going just swimmingly up to this point when one of the dogs accidentally head-butted Wyatt – – at least it LOOKED accidental. I mean, the dog certainly didn’t look vengeful . . .

I love this photo above because it captures that moment — the split-second moment when parents hold their breath and try not to make a face that tells their kid they should be crying, the moment the kid is deciding whether they want to make this a big deal or save it for a better opportunity — that pivotal moment.

Wyatt took in the moment and made a calculated decision . . .

It DID hurt big enough for him to need some parental attention and TLC.

It’s not that I get joy out of watching children cry, but I love the narrative in this sequence — Daddy sympathizes and Momma’s kiss always make things better.

OOH look! A rock!

Strong momma.

*Happy, contented sigh*

Look at this fweeeeeeeeeeet baby faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!! Gosh, it is just SLAYING me right now (and every other time I look at it).

I am just 100% digging Wyatt’s attitude in this photo above.

Can we please just talk about how, for this series of pictures, I am laying flat on my stomach to get this angle? I forfeited all dignity for these pictures, so please, enjoy them.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

You can’t say you never thought about it . . .

Cody and Monica — y’all are beautiful together. Separately, too. But especially together.

Whaley family, y’all are darling. Wonderfully, wonderfully darling.

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